5 common running injuries and how to avoid them

Running injuries are quite common due to the wrong way of running or from trying too hard. Learn about the most common running injuries and tips to help prevent them.

1. Knee Injury

Patellar pain is the most common type of knee injury. When you exercise too much, the kneecap is damaged and quickly degenerates. In particular, knee injuries are common due to the unreasonable running process.

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2. Leg tendon pain

It is still difficult for professional athletes to avoid shin pain. If you feel a sharp pain in the tibia area when you run, you are at high risk of shin tendon pain. The condition will worsen over time if there is no timely treatment, even making it difficult for you to exercise.


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3. Achilles tendon pain

The heel tendon is the connection between the calf and the back of the heel. Achilles tendon pain is caused by repeated pressure on the tendon and causes inflammation. In particular, people who run too hard are very susceptible to this injury. The cause of this injury can be because you run incorrectly or wear shoes that do not fit your feet.


4. Ankle Sprain

The cause of an ankle sprain injury when running is usually due to you training in a place with rough, slippery surfaces or the wrong way of running. This condition causes the ligaments on the outside of the ankle to stretch and damage, causing bruising and pain.

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5. Blistering feet

Blisters occur when you wear shoes that don't fit your feet, go for a long hike or run, causing your foot to rub against the shoe too much, causing injury. Typical symptoms of a blistered foot include swelling, redness, tenderness, and blisters.


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Tips to help prevent injuries when running

Pay more attention to how to run correctly and immediately apply the tips to help prevent injuries when running. If your injury does not improve, you should see a doctor immediately for timely treatment.

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