Menstrual pain should eat to reduce discomfort?

Menstrual pain often torments women when it comes to the "red light" day. However, you can completely soothe them with a reasonable diet. Let's find out what to eat for menstrual cramps!

When the uterus contracts to push the period out, it will lead to dysmenorrhea. At this time, the body will secrete prostaglandin - a substance that causes pelvic pain. Depending on the amount of this substance more or less, the degree of abdominal pain of each person will be severe or mild.

The time of menstrual pain is not the same for each person, it can be from the first days of the cycle, the end of the cycle or even throughout the cycle. This situation makes women tired, lose strength, do not want to exercise.

However, the unpleasant and obnoxious menstrual pain symptoms above can be alleviated if you add the foods that are introduced below.

Menstrual pain should eat to reduce discomfort?

1. Menstrual pain should eat what? Choose dark chocolate!

In dark chocolate contains abundant antioxidants, very good for health. In addition, this food also helps improve mood, relax the mind and relieve menstrual pain that is tormenting you.

Therefore, when you have your period, don't forget to eat some dark chocolate bars. However, remember to choose a low-sugar, low-dairy type to avoid the digestive system having to work hard, which is counterproductive! Buy dark chocolate here.

2. Bananas

When it comes to healthy fruits, bananas are indispensable. This fruit will help reduce spasms, soothe abdominal pain. In addition, bananas also help to avoid indigestion and flatulence. What are you waiting for without grinding a banana smoothie with dark chocolate above?

3. Papaya

The high content of iron, calcium, carotene, vitamins A and C in papaya is very effective in dispelling cramps. Therefore, women should eat this fruit a few days before menstruation and also during the "red light" period to reduce menstrual pain.

4. Pineapple

The nutritional composition of pineapple (fragrant) contains a large amount of bromelain. This active ingredient not only helps you to repel menstrual pain but also anti-inflammatory, laxative and effective cancer prevention.

5. Salmon

This is a food rich in vitamin D and Omega-3, which helps reduce pain and discomfort during "red light" days. In addition, this type of fish also works against bloating, flatulence, cramps. However, pay attention to only eat cooked salmon because your stomach is now relatively sensitive to raw foods.

6. Vegetables rich in fiber

The lack of blood during menstruation will be replenished by eating foods such as celery, white radish, spinach, etc. They will be good for blood circulation, helping to avoid fatigue and muscle aches.

7. Green tea

During the menstrual cycle, women often feel uncomfortable and frustrated. For a relaxed, relaxed mood, drink green tea. This type of water will help blood circulation effectively, prevent bloating and oxidation. Therefore, drinking a cup of green tea will somewhat ease your menstrual pain.

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Some remedies to relieve menstrual pain

In addition to the foods introduced above, you can follow the following measures to reduce discomfort.

Hot compress

Use a heat patch, warm water bottle, or warm washcloth on your abdomen. This method will help ease the pain that is tormenting you. In addition, hot showers are also extremely effective.


You can gently massage in a circular direction around the painful abdomen. At this time, the muscle part will relax, reducing pain. In addition, you should also note that you should not punch your back when you have your period, because this move can cause a lot of bleeding, prolonging the "red light" time.

Do exercise

Gentle exercises will help in alleviating menstrual pain. You can go for a walk, do yoga, etc. to relax your mind and minimize the discomfort accumulated in your body.

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Clean hygiene

Keep your body clean and dry these days. Avoid heavy work, overexertion and marital activities to minimize menstrual pain.

Through this article, you have answered the question of what to eat for menstrual cramps. Women, please take notes and apply to minimize discomfort every month. Don't forget to continue reading other useful articles above!

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