6 effects of pandan leaves that bring great benefits to health

Pineapple leaves have a beautiful aroma and green color, so they are often used for cooking. However, few people know the health benefits of pandan leaves, so let's find out!

With beautiful green color and characteristic aroma, pandan leaves are widely used in Vietnamese cuisine such as making cakes, cooking sticky rice or making tea. However, not everyone knows that this natural ingredient also brings great benefits to health. Let's explore the effects of pandan leaves!

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1. Treatment of rheumatism – one of the health benefits of pandan leaves

Pineapple essential oil contains alkaloids and glycosides – substances that help in the treatment of joint pain. Therefore, pandan leaves are effective in massaging areas with joint swelling and pain, especially when combined with coconut oil.

2. Support treatment for people with weak nerves

Alkaloids in pandan essential oil have the ability to stimulate the nervous system. Therefore, people with weak nerves or mental labor can supplement with pandan leaf juice to keep the brain sharp and work more efficiently.


3. Reduce stress, anxiety

To reduce stress and anxiety in daily work, you can use a decoction of pandan leaves. The reason is that the tannin content in pandan leaves will help you improve your mood effectively. Therefore, cut two pieces of wild pandan leaves with a glass of water and drink every day to keep your mood comfortable.

4. Support treatment of high blood pressure

One of the effects of pandan leaves is to stabilize the blood pressure of the body. Because this plant contains tannins - substances that help reduce cholesterol in the blood, effectively avoiding atherosclerosis. Therefore, you only need to drink 2 cups of boiled pandan leaves every day to prevent high blood pressure.

5. Create an appetite

Pandan leaves will be a natural material suitable for those who are thin and anorexic. You will feel more appetite and appetite in meals thanks to the essential oil in pandan leaves. Every day, prepare 2 cups of boiled pandan leaves to drink 30 minutes before eating!

6. Dandruff treatment

When the scalp changes layers too quickly, it will lead to disorder and dandruff. Although not a dangerous disease, this phenomenon will unsightly, lose your confidence and cause many other inconveniences. Pineapple leaves will help you to completely treat this phenomenon in a simple way.

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The above are the effects of pandan leaves that are amazing and worth considering for health. I hope you will make full use of the impressive benefits of this natural ingredient. Don't forget to visit our Health section to update more knowledge through useful articles!

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