Foods that are good for pregnant women to help a healthy fetus

Diet during pregnancy is very important, directly affecting the health of the mother and the development of the baby. Please keep in mind the good foods for pregnant women to introduce!

1. Sweet potato is a good food for pregnant women

This is a tuber with a rich vitamin content, suitable for supplementation during pregnancy. Specifically, vitamin A in sweet potatoes will be good for the baby's skin and eye development. In addition, B vitamins, especially B6, help reverse morning sickness and support red blood cell formation. Finally, vitamin C for pregnant women to absorb iron effectively.

Not only that, the amount of starch, beta-carotene, calcium, iron and other minerals are also abundant in sweet potatoes. Studies in Japan and the US also prove that the estrogen-like substance in this tuber will help the pregnant mother's skin to be white and smooth.

Moreover, the nutritional composition of sweet potatoes is also effective in promoting cholesterol excretion, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, pregnant women should eat baked, steamed, boiled sweet potatoes with a little olive oil!

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2. Brown rice

During pregnancy, pregnant women will need a variety of nutrients to support a healthy fetus. However, many mothers are afraid that eating too much will lead to weight gain and obesity. Don't worry, brown rice will be the most suitable food for pregnant women. Buy brown rice here.

This rice is rich in protein, fat, vitamins A, B1, B2, E, C, nicotinic acid, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Pregnant women can tolerate the necessary nutrients in brown rice without fear of excessive weight gain.

3. Cranberries

During pregnancy, many women experience urinary tract infections caused by bacteria clinging to the wall of the ducts. If you eat cranberries, your risk of getting this condition will be reduced thanks to a natural antibiotic in this fruit.

4. Yogurt

Protein, probiotics and calcium found in yogurt will help the fetus develop bones, strengthen the immune system, improve the digestive system and raise good blood sugar levels. In addition, this food is also a solution against common constipation symptoms during pregnancy.

5. Spinach

The list of good foods for pregnant women cannot be complete without spinach. This plant contains the nutrient lutein, which is good for both mother and baby's eyes. At the same time, pregnant women also need to be supplemented with vitamins A, B, calcium and folate found in dishes made from spinach.

6. Chicken eggs

Pregnant mothers can promote the comprehensive development, especially the brain of their children, by adding eggs to their meals in a reasonable way. In addition, some types of eggs are also high in omega-3s. This is a fatty acid that is good for the brain, circulatory system and eyesight of the fetus

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7. Sea fish

In addition to eggs, omega-3 is also abundant in marine fish such as tuna, salmon, etc. In addition, this fish is also rich in selenium, which acts as an anti-oxidant and effectively prevents cancer. However, for tuna, pregnant women should supplement reasonably, not too much because the mercury in this food will adversely affect the nervous system of the fetus.

8. Walnuts

Again a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is great for pregnant women. The monounsaturated fat in walnuts will help pregnant women control blood pressure and reduce the risk of cancer. Buy walnuts here.

9. Oranges

It can be said that citrus fruits are one of the natural foods that contain the most vitamin C. This nutrient is very good for the cells, teeth and bones of pregnant women and fetuses. In addition, during pregnancy, iron supplementation to combat anemia is extremely necessary. Vitamin C in oranges will help the body absorb iron.

Not only that, the low birth weight baby in the womb will also be improved thanks to the potassium and folate in oranges. Therefore, pregnant women should eat or drink orange juice to improve health during pregnancy.

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10. Tofu

Many people mistakenly believe that to supplement protein, they must eat a lot of meat and fish. However, adding tofu to the menu is also an effective way to provide pretein. Not only that, iron, magnesium, calcium or vitamins A and K in tofu also support blood clotting, especially after birth.

Above are 10 foods that are good for pregnant women that are recommended for mothers to eat regularly to improve the health of themselves and their babies. Stay tuned for part 2 above to update more other foods!

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