7 foods that support the treatment of kidney stones effectively and safely

Kidney stones for a long time will be more serious and lead to kidney failure. So how should the patient eat to improve his condition? Let's find out the list of foods that support the treatment of kidney stones below!

Minerals present in the urine are deposited in the kidneys for a long time, which will coalesce and form kidney stones (kidney stones). In the long run, the size of the stone will get bigger and bigger. This is the main cause of kidney failure.

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In the early stages, patients will not think they have kidney stones, because the signs of stone formation are not obvious. Many people don't know they have the disease until it's too painful and they pass urine. Below are the symptoms of kidney stones.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a kidney stone, go to a medical facility so that the doctor can give an appropriate treatment. At the same time, patients also need to add to their daily menu foods that help improve their condition. Let's explore the list of foods that support kidney stone treatment below!

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1. Pineapple supports the treatment of kidney stones

Pineapple (fragrant) is average, used for refreshment, laxative, purification, detoxification, good for the digestive system. In addition, according to Oriental medicine, pineapple root is also a diuretic, capable of repelling urinary stones or urinary incontinence.

Therefore, this fruit always occupies the top position in the list of effective kidney stone support foods. I will introduce to you some folk remedies to effectively repel kidney stones from pineapple!

Pineapple – Chicken eggs

Pineapple – Alum

Method 1:

Method 2:

2. Citrus Fruits

Oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons, kumquats – these fruits have the ability to effectively support the treatment of kidney stones. The reason is thanks to the abundant citric acid in citrus fruits that have the ability to erode, reduce the size and gradually eliminate stones in the kidney.

Therefore, kidney stone patients should add the above fruits to the menu every day by eating whole fruit or drinking juice. If you persevere, your condition will improve significantly. will introduce to you a few remedies with lemon juice such as:

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

The acidic composition of apple cider vinegar not only purifies, detoxifies, and is good for the digestive system, but also breaks down kidney stones. Therefore, people with this disease should not ignore a few remedies from apple cider vinegar that are below! You can find apple cider vinegar here.

4. Basil

The nutrients in basil have the ability to dissolve kidney stones extremely effectively and safely, especially when combined with honey. Therefore, patients should make basil-honey tea and drink continuously for 6 months to treat kidney stones.

5. Asparagus

The ingredient that helps asparagus on this list is asparagine - a substance that effectively dissolves kidney stones. As a result, small stones will pass out in the urine and cause no pain to the patient.

6. Cranberries

People with kidney stones should drink cranberry juice. Because of the rich acid content in this fruit, it can dissolve, even break up kidney stones to eliminate them from the body through excretion.

7. Stinging nettle

Nettle tea is one of the drinks that kidney stone patients should not ignore. This plant has excellent diuretic and antibacterial functions. Therefore, just drinking 2 to 3 cups of nettle tea per day will also support liver purification, elimination and effective prevention of kidney stones.

Note when using foods that support kidney stones

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So just introduced to you 7 foods that support the treatment of kidney stones that are safe and worth considering. Add them to your daily menu to repel this hateful disease. Don't forget to gather more useful knowledge through other articles in our Health category!

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