Chloe Ting Challenge: What's hot in the home workout challenge that young people love?

Those "believers" who love home exercises are probably no stranger to Chloe Ting Challenge - a series of challenges with exercises at home by Chloe Ting. What makes this fun workout challenge so hot?

The epidemic season has caused many people to suffer because of unemployment, but it is an opportunity to "make money" for fitness coaches, especially the bodybuilding youtuber association. Exercises via youtube attract a lot of attention because they do not have to go out and still solve the weight loss training needs of many young people.

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Chloe Ting: Famous fitness trainer and challenging workout trend named after her

Chloe Ting is an Australian former student from Brunei who is living and working in Melbourne (Australia). She is currently a fitness youtuber who owns a youtube channel of 15 million subscribers and is always in the top of the most famous fitness trainers on youtube. Chloe Ting youtube channel uploads video clips on how to exercise to lose weight and improve physique.

Chloe's workouts are easy to follow because they don't need bulky equipment or professional gym space. The only equipment needed for Chloe's workout challenge is a yoga mat. However, because of the short training schedule (usually less than 30 days) and quick to see a change, her exercises are quite heavy and strenuous if you are just starting out.

Recently, she has suddenly been "named" a lot in Vietnam in particular and many Asian countries in general. When the whole world has to stay at home because of the COVID-19 epidemic, simple exercises at home are very popular. Many people have tried to follow Chloe's exercises and get unexpected results.

Abs workout in 2 weeks with tons of positive feedback

Among Chloe Ting's workout videos, the 2-week abs workout (Get Abs in 2 weeks) is the most popular with more than 85 million views on the youtube channel. This exercise also forms a “healthy & balance” movement called Chloe Ting Challenge. This movement attracts the participation of many young people around the world, including young Vietnamese.

Some of the movements in Chloe's challenge are quite basic for regular exercisers such as crossbody mountain climber, russian twist, up&down plank, ..combined with many movements of high difficulty.

High intensity training and short breaks are how quickly Chloe tightens belly fat thoroughly. In the first 1-2 days of training you will not be able to keep up with the high intensity of training and feel quite tired, but in the following days, your body will get used to it.

With only 2 weeks of following Chloe's rigorous training regimen, many young people have given unexpected results: clearly see the number 11 abs, slim body, no excess fat, etc. In addition, if the results Incorporating a healthy diet, low in starch and fat, will achieve faster results.

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Are you having a headache with getting in shape when going back to school or work? Then the exercises in Chloe Ting's challenge are exactly what you need right now. What are you waiting for, do not join Chloe Ting Challenge and update the results on social networks with everyone.

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