7 simple and easy-to-use calorie calculator apps for weight loss

You have a plan to lose weight, you want to adjust your exercise and eating regimen but don't know how to calculate the necessary calories. And the article "Top 5 simple and easy-to-use calorie counting apps for weight loss" will be a useful solution for you. Let's find out together!

1. Lose It!

Lose it! is a calorie counting and weight loss tracking application that is used by many people. This application includes many necessary functions for people who want to plan a long-term weight loss plan.

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Advantages of Lose it! :

Cons of Lose it! :

2. MyfitnessPal

MyfitnessPal is also one of the leading applications to calculate calories for weight loss for those who need it. MyfitnessPal also brings many of the same features as Lose it! and also has certain special features.

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Cons of MyfitnessPal:

3. FatSecret

Advantages of FatSecret:

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4. Cron-o-meter



5. SparkPeople



6. Fooducate

7. Run with Map My Run

In the above article, I have listed the top 7 most used calorie counting applications for weight loss today to readers. Hope you will quickly reach your desired weight goal. Buy fat-free confectionery here.

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