Exercises to increase body muscle with extremely economical and effective elastic bands

Elastic bands are one of the effective support tools for those who want to have a perfect body shape with perfect muscles. Let's learn the exercises with elastic bands that are simple but effective quickly!

Surely anyone who has ever exercised knows that our bodies need exercises of different difficulty depending on the level. Following the fat burning process will be the muscle development phase, which requires a higher challenge during exercise. The moment you are ready for "building muscle", using more elastic bands during exercise will be a wise decision.

What is an elastic band?

Elastic band, also known as exercise elastic band or miniband, is a very good exercise support tool for muscles, suitable for those who do not like to practice with weights for fear of muscle "crazy" or do not have conditions to go to the gym to practice with full machines.

Elastic bands have many different levels of elasticity, suitable for each person's training purposes, and the less elastic the rope, the higher the effect. However, for those who are just starting out, it is advisable to choose a stretchy type to get used to first.

Advantages of elastic rope

Points to note when exercising with elastic bands

10 exercises with elastic bands

Upper body workout

1. Scapular Flyes – Shoulder exercise

2. Pulldown – Exercise arm muscles

3. Tricep overhead extension – Exercise for the back arms and shoulder blades

4. Single arm row – Exercise back muscles

5. Planks with Taps – Exercise your arms, shoulder blades and abs

Lower body workout

1. Clams – Exercise the muscles of the thighs

2. Lying external rotation – Work out your thighs and calves

3. Standing abduction

4. Standing kickback – Exercise the hamstrings

5. Bicycle – Exercise legs and abs

I have just proposed to you 10 exercises that are both easy to do but very effective with elastic bands. These exercises are all simple movements, so they are very suitable for those who want to practice at home.

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Hopefully, the above article has brought useful suggestions about a type of effective training aid for everyone.

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