New research shows the 6 most effective fat loss exercises to fight the "obesity gene"

Recently, a study was conducted to compare the effects of 18 different types of fat loss exercise on people with a genetic risk of obesity. And among them, 6 exercises that bring the highest efficiency have been published. What do those 6 fat loss exercises include?

The truth about obesity

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 13% of adults worldwide are obese. Although obesity is the result of a complex interaction between lifestyle and genes, to overcome the cause because genetic factors also play a very important role, researchers only recently begin to understand the influence of genes on being overweight.

A recent study found that genetic mutations are responsible for about 30% of severe childhood obesity, and estimates also suggest that up to 81% of a person's weight can be inherited.

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Comparative study on the effectiveness of different fat loss exercises

Wan-Yu Lin of National Taiwan University in Taipei recently led a study looking at types of exercise that are particularly effective in combating genetic obesity. Lin and colleagues published their findings in the journal PLOS Genetics.

Specifically, the researchers surveyed 18,424 adults, ages 30 to 70. Lin and colleagues looked at five body metrics to assess obesity:

BMI, body fat percentage, waist circumference, hip circumference, and waist/hip ratio. The team also used internal information from Taiwan's Biobank to assess genetic issues.

Research results on the most effective fat loss exercise for people with "obesity genes"

After a long time of research, Lin and colleagues finally came to the conclusion that "running is the best exercise to reduce obesity". In addition, climbing, walking, walking exercise, high jump and yoga are also the most effective fat loss exercises.

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One more result came out that may surprise you, but activities such as "cycling, stretching exercise, swimming, dancing and qigong" did not have much effect on the genetic obesity problem. .

The results also showed that weight training, badminton, table tennis, basketball, tennis, tai chi and “other” exercises were not effective in reducing obesity risk. However, the team also noted that data for research on these activities is quite limited due to the smaller number of participants compared to the popular activities above. That may affect the results of the study.

Finally, the team states: 'Our findings suggest varying degrees of impact of various types of fat loss exercise on people with an 'inherited obesity gene'. Jogging is the best fat loss method according to research results. Get a "treadmill" right away to practice every day!

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The above article has informed readers about the study of the impact of fat loss exercises on people at risk of "genetic obesity". Please consult to choose for yourself the most effective and suitable training method!

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