Why should you do push-ups and how to properly do push-ups?

Although the trend of fitness and bodybuilding is flourishing. However, if you look around the gym, you will see that there are very few people who do push-ups, even on social networking sites, groups rarely mention this exercise.

This is also quite understandable when the training equipment and machines are more and more popular and diverse. Why do you have to push up when you have shoulder and chest exercise machines?

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In fact, there are many reasons that you should choose this classic exercise. Let's take a look at the unexpected benefits of this exercise and don't forget to add it to your workout.

Why should you do push-ups?

Many people think that doing exercises that use body weight will not develop muscles by using weights, especially, the arm, shoulder, chest muscles.

In fact, this is absolutely true, because weights up to hundreds of kilograms will have a huge impact on your body weight.

However, if your goal is to build muscle, keep in mind that unlike weightlifters, muscles need memorization to place large sizes.

Simply put, to build muscle you have to use weights and a sufficient number of sets and reps to stimulate the muscles. That's why you often see instructions, shared textbooks often ask for 3 to 5 sets and 10 to 12 reps.

But if that's the case, then why is it better to do 10 push-ups for 10 sets than push-ups with weights or machines? The answer is what happens to the body.

To perform a chest press with weights especially barbells, there is a need to pay attention to the movement. Many people have difficulty doing chest thrusts with the bar, many people even have shoulder, neck, back injuries...

Meanwhile, push-ups are an extremely comfortable exercise with your arms and shoulders free to move. Since it's an exercise that uses body weight, you can focus on muscles instead of weight. Pay attention when doing push-ups just like when you practice chest thrusts with the bar, do not lock the shoulder joints or push the shoulders straight but always keep the shoulders behind the chest.

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Squeeze the ground properly

Proper push-up seems to be a very simple thing, but very few people do it. You can ask muscular people in the gym that not everyone knows how to do push-ups. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this is an exercise that very few bodybuilders use today. However, there is a fairly simple method that you can apply that starts with your ability and gradually improves with practice.

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How deep is enough push-up?

Most tutorials online and in the media instruct you to inhale deeply until you form a 90-degree angle at your elbow. However, in reality, the depth of push-ups depends on the strength and flexibility of the shoulders.

Everyone has a different body composition and shoulder strength, so it doesn't make sense to determine your depth with someone else's body.

Thus, the right depth of push-up for each person is the position where your shoulders can comfortably rise and fall without pain or discomfort.

If you are a young person who has never had shoulder problems such as injury or illness there is no reason not to perform the movement properly. And vice versa, if your shoulder is not strong, stop where you started to feel the pain.

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How many push-ups is enough?

Like other bodyweight exercises, push-ups are exercises that you must do with quantity, not volume.

However, not everyone can do hundreds of reps in one set, so it's a good idea to split it up into several sets and do 15 to 20 reps. In particular, if you want to build muscle, optimize size, you should shorten the rest time between sets to increase pressure.

When should you do push-ups?

Many of you wonder about what time push-ups will be appropriate, especially if you practice at the gym.

Although push-ups are relatively simple and somewhat lighter than weightlifting exercises, this is still an exercise and it will more or less impact your shoulders. Without heating and lubrication, push-ups can still cause shoulder pain symptoms.

You should start gently with shoulder rotation, wrist rotation to warm up the muscles. Or maybe pull up the bar a few times first and then push up, this will help the shoulders get the necessary preparation.

For those of you who work out at the gym, you can incorporate push-ups into your workout on upper body day. For example, in a chest, shoulder, and back exercise session, after a warm-up, using 1 to 2 sets of push-ups will help activate muscles better.

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your workout, you can use it at the end of the workout to feel more blood being pumped to the muscles.

Hopefully, the sharing about push-ups will help answer your questions. Don't forget to follow the latest articles in our health section to keep up to date with the most useful information!

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