5 tips to help lose weight after giving birth but still ensure your baby's milk supply

One of the happiest things for a woman is being a mother. However, along with that happiness, the pregnancy process makes a woman's body degrading and not keeping her slim figure as before. So let's learn about 5 ways to lose weight after giving birth safely and quickly.

Losing weight after giving birth is extremely difficult because a woman has to try to adjust her weight while ensuring the best milk supply for the development of her baby.

Understanding these concerns of women, will provide you with effective ways to lose weight without worrying about affecting your health.

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1. Apply a reasonable menu to lose weight after giving birth

Your daily diet greatly affects your weight loss process. Choose foods rich in calcium, protein and iron such as beef, seafood, milk, eggs, legumes, etc., as well as add more foods such as green vegetables and fruits to the daily menu. At the same time, limiting the absorption of foods containing a lot of fat and sugar such as fried foods, sweets, etc. will help you improve your weight.

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2. Drink lots of water to lose weight quickly

When implementing a weight loss plan, you absolutely must not ignore providing enough water for the body. Drinking water properly helps to burn calories, purify the body and limit hunger during the process of getting in shape. In addition to filtered water, you should use some fruit juices and weight loss teas such as ginger tea, brown rice tea, lotus leaf tea, etc. Absolutely say no to soft drinks, carbonated water and carbonated drinks. alcohol!

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3. Make sure to get enough sleep every day

After giving birth, the mother has a lot of worries in taking care of her baby, and it seems that they have forgotten their sleep. Humans need enough sleep from 7-8 hours a day, not only to ensure their own health, but sleep also plays a very important role when you want to lose weight.

Lack of sleep makes you eat more, makes your body tired more easily to use sweet foods, as well as limit the desire to exercise the body.

4. Don't let your mind stress

One of the most effective ways to lose weight after giving birth is to keep your mind at ease and limit stress. This affects your mind as well as your body. For nursing moms, stress is understandable, but you can overcome them. You should talk and share your thoughts more with your husband or someone you trust, so that you can find a way to solve the anxiety problems you are having.

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5. Exercise regularly

This is always a way to lose body weight that must not be overlooked. The mother can exercise her body after 2-3 months, starting from gentle sports and moderate it every day. Please choose for yourself a favorite sport, suitable for you such as yoga, aerobics, walking, ...

However, this exercise needs to be in moderation for women after giving birth, you should not exercise too much and if you want to do high-intensity exercises, it is best to consult your doctor before starting. !

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Hopefully, with the above ways to lose weight after giving birth, you have equipped yourself with the most effective and appropriate experience in getting in shape. Let's do it now to get back in good shape after giving birth and take care of your baby healthy.

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