7 yoga exercises to increase height for short girls

To get the desired height, we must build a healthy diet and combine daily practice with 7 yoga exercises to increase height that are suggested in the article below.

7 yoga exercises to increase height for short girls

Yoga exercise to increase height 1: Twist yourself

Twist exercises help your spine stretch, and at the same time make the excess fat in the waist "fly" away. With only 10 minutes/day, you can get your ideal waist and have the desired height.

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Exercise 2: Bend over

8 minutes of exercise a day will help your spine stretch, and make your body more supple and flexible. In addition, the bending position also helps your belly fat to be burned, melted and returned to your desirable second round.

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Exercise 3: Lie on your stomach

This is a simple pose that does not take much strength and the height increase effect is indisputable. The maximum extension of the spine will help your skeleton change and increase a few centimeters.

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Exercise 4: Bowing

With a practice time of about 8 minutes / day, you can both ensure the work progress and maintain this exercise to help the skeleton more supple.

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Exercise 5: Bow

This is not an easy exercise because it requires you to stretch all the muscles and combine your arms, legs, and spine to perform. Although it is difficult, you only need to spend 6 minutes/day to practice to have the desired height.

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Exercise #6: Exercise in bed

This exercise that combines many movements is extremely suitable for people who are inactive because you only need to spend 6 minutes sleeping every morning to warm up according to the instructions below and you will gain a few centimeters without losing much strength. .

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Exercise #7: Stretch your arms

Hand exercises help you increase the ability to stretch, stimulate the muscles to relax, blood circulation. With just 5 minutes a day, you can increase a few centimeters by practicing this simple exercise.

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The above 7 yoga exercises to increase height when combined with a healthy diet will help you get the height you want. Regularly follow the articles here to get more useful health knowledge!

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