Is the back shoulder push with barbell a dangerous exercise?

Behind the neck press is also known as the back shoulder push with barbell. For many years, professional bodybuilders have considered this an important exercise.

Arnold Schwaggenger, the monument of the bodybuilding village, said that this is an exercise he uses often. However, now there is a lot of information about the dangers of this exercise. So what is the story behind? Let's analyze and find the answer with BAC.

Behind the neck press

You may not know, this famous shoulder exercise has made the name of many bodybuilding legends. In Vietnam, it is called by many different names such as back shoulder push with barbell, back shoulder push with barbell, etc. The muscle groups that are worked on when exercising the back shoulder with the bar are the front, outer and rear shoulders, the upper back, the back arms and the lats.

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Benefits of back shoulder exercises with barbells

A comprehensive shoulder exercise that builds strength and builds muscle. In particular, the strong impact on the upper back and back arms improves the strength of the upper body, increasing the flexibility of the shoulders.

In addition, although the shoulder muscle group is considered a small muscle, this is an exercise that affects many muscle groups not inferior to compound exercises. Therefore, it will help improve shoulder performance, increase flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury during exercise.

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Is Behind the Neck Press Dangerous?

This is an exercise that puts a lot of pressure on the shoulder blades and also the neck area if your shoulders are not flexible enough or exercise too hard, the possibility of injury is very high. Besides, because the path of the barbell will fall backwards, the possibility of encountering neck injuries is very large.

Not surprisingly, although this exercise has many benefits, it is still recommended not to do it. Especially, for Vietnam, a country that has only recently developed the field of Gym. The main target audience for practice is the students, the amount of knowledge is not much, there is a lack of guidance from professionals.

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So should you practice behind the neck press or not?

This is probably a question that many people are interested in when the amount of information is increasingly diverse. BAC would like to give you some suggestions as follows:

Cases should not practice:

Possible cases:

Behind the neck press is an exercise that is not too difficult. However, during training you should not use heavy weights because the risk is great.

In addition, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the training method, not arbitrarily change the way of practice. For newbies, you should use the Smith machine to fix the movement and be safer.

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Another way to practice is that you can practice the same steps above in a standing position. This will help you be more active in getting up and down when there is no support.

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For those of you who practice for the first time, you may not use weights but just need a bar, lift many times to form a feeling, very important for you who do not have flexibility.

Alternative exercises behind the neck press

The benefits of exercise are something that has been proven over the years by the big names in the bodybuilding industry. However, the risks that come with it are great, when used by inexperienced people.

If you're on the list of people who shouldn't do this exercise, don't worry. Here is a very effective shoulder replacement exercise.

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Behind the neck press with dumbbells

Push the back shoulder with a dumbbell, the only difference is using 2 dumbbells instead of 1 bar. Unlike a barbell, dumbbells do not fix the position of your arms, so you can move more freely. This will be extremely effective for someone who doesn't have shoulder flexibility.

Dumbbells will allow you to move naturally to the limits of your body's flexibility.

Back shoulder training with dumbbells also gives a wider range of motion, reducing pressure on the neck. Optimizing the effectiveness of the exercise should be used by many athletes today instead of bar exercises.

The method of training with dumbbells is not too different from the barbell. You just need to pay attention to how to get up and down the weight by placing the dumbbell on your thigh.

And another option for you is to exercise each side in turn instead of using 2 dumbbells at the same time. For beginners you will be able to focus more, practice more and pay better attention to the movement.

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Shoulder press

Instead of pushing the dumbbell behind your head, you can push forward. Although the impact on the upper back and lats will be reduced at this time, the shoulders and hind arms will still be affected.

The exercise is similar to behind the neck press, the only difference is that the bar will drop in front of the chest instead of behind the head. Therefore, this exercise is also known as the front shoulder push.

Bodybuilding is a subject that uses heavy weights, especially for men who want to build muscle. Any exercise that is not used correctly and with the right weight carries the risk of serious injury.

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