Weight Loss Exercises: The Difference Between HIIT and TABATA

HIIT and TABATA seem to be familiar to the gym world. But believe that there are still quite a few of you confused about the difference between these two training methods. Let's find out together!

Going to the gym to exercise seems to be becoming a good habit of many people, even young people. However, not everyone can arrange time to go to the gym regularly every day, so they have chosen to practice at home according to online exercises.

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In particular, HIIT and TABATA are two quite popular and suitable training methods to practice at home because it does not require too many specialized tools or equipment, and the postures of HIIT and TABATA are also similar. Relatively simple, easy to follow, so it can limit the possibility of injury during exercise.

Similarities of HIIT and TABATA

Both methods focus on using all of your strength in a short period of time, and the rest between movements is also extremely short. Although the time spent on these types of exercises is not much, the effect it brings is equivalent to cycling or jogging for about 1 hour.

Great use of HIIT and TABATA

These two methods of training both help burn excess fat and excess calories in the body to have the effect of losing weight as well as building muscle if exercised for a long time. Besides, practicing HIIT and TABATA also gives you a healthy heart, improves metabolism, and increases endurance and speed of the body in movement.

To achieve high efficiency, you need to allocate a reasonable training frequency. For those who are just starting to practice the above two methods, they should only practice 1-2 times a week, then gradually increase to 3-4 times a week and note that it should not be practiced continuously for two days. continuously for this type of exercise because the body needs time to rest to not be "overloaded".

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Difference between HIIT and TABATA

What is HIIT?

HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) is a high-intensity interval training method, each movement will last about 30 seconds and the time to complete a large exercise is no more than 20 minutes. Jumping rope and jogging are also considered HIIT exercises.

For HIIT, the first moves will be relatively slow in intensity, but later requires more and more effort. Usually 90 seconds slow and 30 seconds acceleration or 60 seconds slow and 20 seconds accelerated. The allotted time depends on your stamina and ability, not a specific formula.

Note that you should not prolong the sprinting time for too long because it will not increase the effectiveness as you think and sometimes even harm your body. Because a person's ability is limited and our health only allows the body to operate at full capacity for a certain period of time, beyond that time the body will suffer.

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What is TABATA?

TABATA is the most popular form of HIIT, not a stand-alone method as many people think. Therefore, TABATA will also be a high-intensity training method that will help burn calories during and even after the exercise is over.

An exercise will last about 4 minutes including 8 repetitions, 20 seconds for each movement and 10 seconds of interlacing rest. Although the training time is short, TABATA pushes the training intensity and heart rate to the highest level, requiring endurance, stamina and an extremely strong heart. Therefore, the harshness of TABATA is not for those who have just "started".

A few notes when practicing HIIT and TABATA

Before start

Whatever you practice, don't forget to warm up the muscles in the body to prepare the muscles, soften the muscles as well as let the cardiovascular system get used to the increased activity. You can start with gentle exercises, moderate movements so that your body can adapt gradually before entering HIIT and TABATA exercises.

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After the end

Because during exercise, the muscles have to work hard, leading to muscle tension, increasing the risk of cramps and in the long run, making daily movement difficult. Therefore, stretching and relaxing the body after exercise is extremely important, helping the muscles recover faster, returning flexibility to the muscles.

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In order to make the training process smoother and easier, there are now many HIIT and TABATA training apps on the phone. In addition to giving exercises, these apps also have a timer system and track your health improvement through the body parameters you provide.

Thus, the practice has now become much simpler. Hope the above article has been really useful and helps readers to determine the right training method for themselves.

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